XL Ultralight Cuben Fiber Led camping lantern

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XL Ultralight cuben fiber lantern weighing 16g. 
A great way to give light in your shelter. I use these on my hammock ridgeline, inside my trail star or under a tarp. Gives a really good light for reading and admin tasks at night. Made from 0.3oz Cuben Fibre with a dyneema X Grid base and finished with dyneema cord, micro cord lock, internal aluminum reflector and a mitten hook for hanging anywhere.

Light is a tail switch variety with a magnifying lens for a much stronger beam. It will allow operation without removal from the bag unlike its smaller cousin available in my other listings. The light unit gives a longer run time than the smaller lantern although most people i know are still on their first set of cells even in the small lanter. Takes 3x AG13 batteries which are cheap as chips on ebay. Changing batteries is just a matter of unscrewing the tail cap and dropping them in so easier to do in the field. Batteries included. Top tip put the lantern to your lips and puff gently to give the best shape.


  • Brand: Tread Lite Gear
  • Condition: New