Tread Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Insulated Metaflex Sack Pot Evernew 900 Titanium 26g

Product Code: TLG1160
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Insulated Metaflex 3D round cuben fiber stuff sack to fit Evernew 900 Titanium Pot. Made from heat resistant insulated metaflex fabric and 1oz black cuben fiber finished with a micro cord lock and dyneema draw cord. Weight 26g
  • Combined pot sack cozy
  • Metaflex fleece lined bottom and pot sides to top of pot
  • Flared cuben top section for easy in out
  • Easy to roll down top section and eat with the pot still in the sack
  • Save fuel when rehydrating meals
  • Supplied with reflectix top circle to ensure heat isnt lost through the top
  • No more faffing around with making your own cozy and carrying a separate difficult to source stuff sack to hold it
  • Specifically tailored for both Evernew 900 wide pots. More pot options will be added in due course
  • Fully insulated unlike the GG version


  • Product Code: TLG1160
  • Weight: 0.03kg