Tread Lite Gear 72L Polypaq Jumbo Clear Rucksack Dry Bag Liner Ultralight 52g

Tread Lite Gear 72L Polypaq Jumbo Clear Rucksack Dry Bag Liner Ultralight 52g

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Jumbo 72L edition of my Polypaq liners. 3d Gusseted clear virgin polyethylene bags sourced from Europe. They weigh 52g each so compare very well to ultrasil dry bags from Exped and Sea to Summit et al in similar sizes. Extremely tough for their weight. Ive had feedback from customers who have used these on a two month through hike in the states with no problems. They have a 40cm opening , 30cm depth and are 90cm tall and should fill pretty much any pack out there. The Gusset means the bags lay flat in the base of your pack and will conform perfectly to its shape so no wasted space. In the picture you will see one inside a GG Mark II mariposa and the bag comes up level with the top of the collar extension so there is plenty of extra height for rolling or tying off to seal.

They are not dry bags as the top is open but I've never had a problem with water ingress. Simply put moisture sensitive items like sleeping bag and clothes in the bag, add other items and roll the top down or tie off.

They also tape or tie up really well if you want to store gear in something to keep dust and muck off at home but easily see what's in the bag.


Overseas buyers, due to the weight there is a postage surcharge on these for orders under £30 that makes them poor value but they will still be eligible for the flate rate shipping on orders over £30


  • Product Code: TLG1151
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