Super Ultralight Cuben Fiber Traditional Tent Peg Bag

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Tread Lite Gear full Cuben Fiber super ultralight tent peg bags. In two sizes 

Utilising the finest technical fabrics, this bag is crafted from durable 0.5oz Cuben Fiber with a 2oz Cuben reinforced bottom. This fusion gives the best balance of durability vs overall weight. 

Both peg bags are 3D with a square bottom

The XL size and measures 11 inches long x 1.5 inches square and will house pegs up to 10 inches. This means it can accept 9 inch Easton pegs and Ruta Locura Sorex carbons too. Load out capacity will differ on peg selection but there is plenty of room. Weight is 2.5g

Regular size measures 8 inches long x 1.5 inches square and houses more regular pegs up to 7 inches. Weight is 2.2g