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Tread Lite Gear fully bonded Dyneema Composite Fabric (Cuben Fiber) stick on Z clip Lineloc accessory patches supplied with 6ft 1.5mm dyneema guy lines SOLD IN PAIRS, 1 item is 2 patches. The line lock has a removable side relese head so you can simply unclip the line when packing up. Pictured in black but can be supplied in white or olive green too
These patches offer the highest bonded strength on the market when adhered to dyneema composite fabric shelters / tarps. The are made from 1.43oz DCF and bonded with 3M 9845 tape. The tape is full width and not made up of individual strips. Components are hand cut with precision, cleaned with alcohol and then primed before being bonded. All this is done in gloved hands to ensure no skin oils affect the process and the highest possible bond strength is achieved. No sewing is involved. The magic happens internally where 4 separate bonds give unrivalled strength. Once you peel the backing off you have just one sheet of adhesive so there are no weak spots like tape strip joints or thread. 8.6cm diameter and 3g each
Z clip  lineloc adjustable cord locks - ideal for creating auxiliary guying points for areas that sag and induce wind flap on shelters. Please note that even cuben tape has its limitations. It forms a structural bond but forces should always be applied in a shear direction rather than peel. Simply put you should angle the line downwards so the force is not pulling directly out from the middle perpendicular to the ground. In practice on a mid shelter this happens as standard given the sloping sides. Main pegging points should always be taking the brunt of the load.
Before fitting please clean the application area thoroughly (ideally with alcohol). Peel the backing from the top and smooth the patch downwards as you go. Any residual adhesive tack can be smoothed off with your fingers.


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Stick on Z clip Lineloc Pair with 6ft Guys

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