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 EKOPAK ultra is a full dyneema weave with a film back. It ages better than DCF  and doesn't suffer any long term shrinkage. ECOPAK EPLX is very similar to X-Pac but but has a square reinforcement grid rather than diamond shape. That actually beneficial as it cuts wastage in construction because i can orient the grid in either direction when cutting. It also has a film back which means it too can be seam sealed. Advancements in construction techniques and tape technology means ive actually reduced the weight of the ULTRA pouches (29.59g each vs 34g seam sealed in hybrid DCF) compared with the DCF 2.9oz version so there is no weight penalty even though its a heavier fabric with better durability. The EPLX version is 31.72g (still lower than taped DCF hybrid) but is far lighter than X-PAC VX07 would be and is bomber tough too.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (You get a pair of pouches) not sold in singles

  • Super tough black ECOPAK EPLX or ULTRA 200
  • Weight just 29.59g each ULTRA and 31.72g each in EPLX
  • Fully tape sealed
  • Clip attachment system is very robust. Push down on bar to release
  • Rear elastic to stabilise carry
  • Fits hip belts up to 13cm tall (does not fit osprey packs)
  • Make sure you have at least one attachment point on pack side of belt
  • charity silicone bands can be used in a push if you dont have a point to attach
  • Measures 16cm wide x 13cm tall and 5cm thick (1L)
  • I still advise sensitive items are bagged unless waterproof

ECOPAK EPLX™ from Challenge Sailcloth is the world's first 100% recycled laminated pack fabric - designed from the ground up to meet or exceed the technical properties of traditional laminated nylon while also being better for the environment

The ECOPAK ™ line starts with a 100% recycled REPREVE polyester face, then adds a proprietary 100% recycled film to make everything waterproof. An environmentally friendly, PFC-free C0 DWR also provides water resistance to the face fabric.

ECOPAK ™ EPL Ultra is a new series of waterproof fabrics for backpacks made out of woven UHMWPE (Dyneema) and recycled polyester blend laminated to 0.5mil RUV recycled film. This is one of the stongest backpack laminates for its weight currently on the market.

  • The woven fabric is 67% UHMWPE and 33% Repreve recycled polyester.
  • The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant.
  • Every yard of ECOPAK™ saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric.
  • ECOPAK™ contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings.
  • CO2 emissions from manufacturing this recycled polyester are 50% lower than Nylon, 38% lower than virgin film, comparable to organic cotton.


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Pair Tread Lite Gear ECOPAK ULTRA / EPLX Backpack Belt Pocket Ultralight Dyneema

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