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Adhesive multi mount pack, shelter, hip dangler for phone, cards etc. 

  • size 19 x 13cm - fits iphone max
  • made in Challenge Ultra 200
  • centre of patch to base of pouch when hung 17cm
  • seam sealed
  • internal card slip for 3 - 4 cards
  • gatekeeper mounts for easy removal, just press the centre of the bar to release
  • if you get the option with an extra set of patches you can use it for an in shelter organiser
  • sticks to DCF, Challenge Ultra, UltraGrid and most other film lined fabrics
  • not for silicone or sil/pu hybrid coatings
  • hip mounting will depend on belt loop position. the pouch has 13.5cm centres for the mounts​​​​​
  • patches when mounted in a shelter have no hardware on so easy to pack the tent once the pouch is removed without fear of damage
  • weight 26g all in

Mounting patches are made from 1.43oz DCF and bonded with 3M 9845 tape. The tape is full width and not made up of individual strips. Components are hand cut with precision, cleaned with alcohol and then primed before being bonded. All this is done in gloved hands to ensure no skin oils affect the process and the highest possible bond strength is achieved. No sewing is involved. The magic happens internally where 4 separate bonds give unrivalled strength. Once you peel the backing off you have just one sheet of adhesive so there are no weak spots like tape strip joints or thread. 8.6cm diameter and 3g each. Ive never had a report of a failed adhesive patch in 5 years. 


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Multi Use Adhesive Zip Pouch 26g

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