Hybrid Cuben Fiber Rucksack Hip Belt Pockets

Hybrid Cuben Fiber Rucksack Hip Belt Pockets

Product Code: TLG1076
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Black Cuben Hybrid hip belt pockets. Sold in pairs. Waterproof YKK zips with dual sliders and dyneema pulls. Measure 6 inch wide, 5 inch tall and 2.25 inch deep. 28g per pouch. Rear elasticated straps and slik clips each end to anchor on hip belt. Will fit belts up to 5 inch. You will need some form of anchor point on the hip belt you are attaching to. If you dont have anchor points i know some people who use the silicone charity wrist bands to improvise. As with all manufacturers of external pockets Tread Lite Gear recommend moisture sensitive items are protected with an additional ziplock bag. 


  • Product Code: TLG1076
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