Dyneema X Grid Rucksack Backpack Strap Bottle Pocket

Dyneema X Grid Rucksack Backpack Strap Bottle Pocket

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Tread Lite Gear rucksack strap bottle pocket in black, green or orange dyneema x grid with polyester mesh front. Will take bottles from 500ml up to 750ml including the vast majority of sport bottles. Pictured with Camelbak podium bottle. Rear has an elasticated strap loop and an anchor loop complete with slik clip to attach on your pack strap. Top collar has bungee cord to compress. Just remove the pack strap from the adjuster buckle, slide the pocket on and re thread the pack strap.
Some manufacturers double loop the end of the strap webbing which can make it difficult or impossible to remove. I have added a velcro option to cover this eventuality but it only comes in black, weighs a bit more and as velcro is time consuming it costs a bit more :)
Weight 16.8g including slik clip
Velcro version 21.2g including slik clip


  • Brand: Tread Lite Gear
  • Condition: New