Dump Lite Gear Cuben Fiber Ultralight Toilet Bag

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1oz Black Cuben Fiber super UL fabric toilet bag 3.8g
Ok so most backpackers carry a toilet kit if staying out overnight and most carry it in a dry bag and dry bags can be heavy. The reason behind the dry bag is that most people carry standard toilet tissue which is moisture sensitive. This bag is sized to carry dehydrated baby wipes (biodegradable only please). By taking the baby wipes out of the packaging and leaving on a radiator or in the airing cupboard you are left with some lightweight tough toilet wipes that have a multitude of uses besides the obvious. You can use them for wiping down a wet shelter before packing or to wipe out a pot after cooking. The bag will hold a full pack but i find half a pack is plenty for a weekend trip. There is also enough space for a small packet of antibac wet wipes or a small alcohol gel for cleaning hands afterwards. You can carry a small ziplock and add some warm water to a few wipes prior to your ablutions for that warm all over glow. Great for having a wash with too.
I use the Kinder by Nature brand. A full pack weighs 100g when dried so most trips will require just 50g. The bag can of course hold normal toilet tissue if thats your preference.

20cm long x 13cm wide and 5cm deep (unsinched)



  • Product Code: TLG1006
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