DCF Cuben Seam Sealing Tape 1.38m

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Dyneema composite fabric seam tape is a single sided adhesive tape with cuben fiber/DCF pre applied to one side,  The tape is attached to a white plastic liner that peels off easily. The tape is perfect for repairs, reinforcements or for tape sealing of DCF on the shiny side. The tape has lower adhesive strength on the fabric side of cuben hybrids so it should be used on the shiny side. It also sticks to many other fabrics (except silicone-coated), but the adhesive strength is never as good as on cuben where it forms a structural bond. 

Sold in lengths of 1.38m (roll width). multiple orders will be shipped as separate 1.38m lengths

Only available in white as it goes with everything

Easily cut with blade or scissors


  • Product Code: TLG1254
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