DCF Cuben Fiber Pole Mounted Tent Cans

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  • Pole mounted in tent storage bag
  • Standard packing cell when in your pack
  • Accessible from both ends
  • 30cm Long x 13 cm Diameter 3.5l
  • Weight 27g
  • Twin YKK zips both with dual sliders.
  • White 1.5oz  DCF cuben fiber fabric
  • Pole mountable with included silicone fixings
  • Makes great use of normally dead space
  • Silicone fixings provide a strong and durable mounting system
  • Pictured with a large thermarest neoair large mat
  • For hammocks you can drop it directly on your ridge line to use as an organiser
  • Tons of other uses im sure 
  • No its not for walking with on your pole :)

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  • Product Code: TLG1256
  • Weight: 0.03kg