DCF Cuben Fiber Multi Use Alpkit 400 Pot Bag 15g

Product Code: TLG1255
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  • White 2.9oz Hybrid DCF / Cuben Fiber (shiny side out) pole mounted pot sack / lantern / storage bin
  • YKK zip. Weight 15g.
  • Pole mountable with included silicone fixings
  • Ideal small storage for your tent poles
  • Makes a superb lantern when you drop your headlight or other small light source inside
  • silicone fixings provide a strong and durable mounting system
  • Fits Alpkit 400, Toaks 450 and a slightly looser fit on an Evernew 300
Just to state the obvious, if you have a 1000 lumen monster and drop it inside you are likely to have a messy ending to your day. Keep the lumen output to a reasonable level and you'll be fine

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  • Product Code: TLG1255
  • Weight: 0.015kg