DCF Charge Lite Power Bank Cases

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Charge Lite power bank cases.

Made from custom printed red 2.9oz DCF cuben hybrid with waterproof 
YKK zips. Once the power bank is in the bag there is no need to remove it, just undo the zip and plug in. Not sized to fit a full cable so buying a short 10cm cable is a good idea as it will reduce your weight and fit in the bag. 

Anker 10000 fits powercore 10000 i & ii as well as the 10000 powercore speed. room for a mini cable in bag Weight 6.9g

Anker E1 Astro Fits 5200 & 6700 versions. Will also fit Rav Power 6700. Room for mini cable. Weight 6.1g

Anker mini is slightly larger than the unit as there is a minimum practical size i can make so there is enough room to include a larger charge cable. Weight  5.8g


  • Brand: Tread Lite Gear
  • Condition: New