Cuben Fiber DCF Long Handled Spoon Bag 2.8g

Product Code: TLG1363
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  • Fully bonded stuffsack for long handled spoons up to 22cm long x 4cm bowl width
  • White 1oz upper, Blue 1.43oz base
  • No sewing, clean lines and ultra strong
  • Bag dimensions 25cm x 5cm
  • Weight 2.8g
  • And because i know some people will be thinking minimalist peg bag it will take 10-12 shepherd crook ti pegs or 5 Eason nanos :)

 for durability 45.5cm x 21.5cm.  Weight 13g. eylet and 1.43oz base stuff sack to fit smaller quilts up to 350 fill and down jackets. Double locked 25mm bottom seam and 25mm side seam. Continuous draw cord channel with gasket reinforced iupper composite  


  • Product Code: TLG1363
  • Weight: 0.01kg