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Want to know a bit more about Tread Lite Gear, here's an interview with Hendrik Morkel from the excellent Hiking in Finland



1 - Do you do custom work?

No im afraid not. Although its something i enjoy i just dont have the time to do it plus its really disruptive to pattern efficiency to start cutting random patterns from the fabric.

2 - What is the dispatch time?

Up to 5 working days. Exceptionally busy times may see an extra day but its rare. if stuff gets too much i will close the shop to catch up

3 - Where do you post?

I post pretty much everywhere there is a reliable postal system. Overseas orders are capped at a max of £8 for Europe and £9 rest of the world no matter what you order and are sent tracked. Orders under £30 are a little cheaper, dont come with tracking, but do come with delivery confirmation. I dont routinely send tracking details as i have to manually enter everything and it takes forever and admin takes up too much of my day already. If you want it though drop me an email and ill oblige. 

4 - Ive never heard of you before, is my money safe?

Ive been doing this for 4 years now and no customers have had a bad experience. If you google around you should only find good experiences. Im on ebay (stokepa31) and have nearly 8000 positive feedbacks. At the time of writing there is 1 negative but sometimes you just cant win no matter what you do :) In summary my integrity is important to me and i like happy customers. Happy customers talk about their gear and experiences and as i dont really advertise, word of mouth is my biggest sales driver. 

5 - Can i return items i dont like or have a problem with?

Yes of course, i comply fully with relevant retail law. You can return something for any reason if not happy. The only thing that is annoying is if you buy an item designed for a specific item and then push it back to me because it didnt fit something else you hoped it would. I'll still accept it back though :)

6 - Can you make me a rucksack?

No its not something i can offer but if you are looking for a UK maker then check out Atom Packs