4 x Linelocs line locs 3 self tensioning tarp shelter tie out on grosgrain loop

Product Code: TLG1045
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4x ITW Nexus Lineloc 3 self tensioner for shelters and tarp tie outs sewn onto grosgrain polyester webbing for easy attachment to your exising tie out loop. Just larks foot it on and thread it up.

Amazing bit of kit for self tensioning your tarp or shelter guy lines with ease. The official specs say they are suitable for 2.5-3mm lines but I use english braids 2mm with no issues 

Will also work with 2.2mm throwline like stein although PU coated lines are much slippier than polyester sheathed versions and if used in the wet and high winds i would recommend the extra security of a slippery hitch on the tail for added security.


  • Product Code: TLG1045
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