20m of dyneema 0.82mm for ultralight guy lines and drawcord

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20m of 8 ply PU coated light green 0.82mm dyneema. Perfect for ultralight guy outs or as draw cord in your diy projects. Slippy line that is easy to untangle but takes a knot well. 200lb beaking strain

This is the line I use for drawcord in all my ultralight stuff sacks and it works really well with the mini cord locks I sell in another listing
Not splicable as it's a solid rather than hollow.

Incredibly durable and ultralight at 10.3g per 20m

Supplied hanked . Just hold the hank and pull the small end and the line will feed without fuss. Don't touch the end that secures the middle of the hank.

multiple purchases sent as separate lengths


  • Product Code: TLG1054
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